Head of Operations

We are looking for an experienced Director of Operations to organize and oversee the daily operations of our company.

You will be the one to ensure that our business is well-coordinated and productive by managing its procedures and coaching its people.
The area of responsibility for this role is very wide and thus requires thorough knowledge of various company processes. The ideal candidate must be competent and able to plan many different kinds of operational activities. He/She must be an excellent leader who can discover the most efficient ways to run the business. The goal is to safeguard and augment the efficiency of the company’s operations to facilitate accelerating development and long-term success.


– Liaise with superior to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals
– Plan and monitor the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth progress
– Supervise staff from different departments and provide constructive feedback
– Evaluate regularly the efficiency of business procedures according to organizational objectives and apply improvements
– Manage procurement processes and coordinate material and resources allocation
– Oversee customer support processes and organize them to enhance customer satisfaction
– Review financial information and adjust operational budgets to promote profitability
– Revise and/or formulate policies and promote their implementation
– Manage relationships/agreements with external partners/vendors
– Evaluate overall performance by gathering, analyzing and interpreting data and metrics
– Ensure that the company runs with legality and conformity to established regulations
– Monitoring relationships with existing customers through CRM systems.
Ensuring the CRM system provides an effective sales funnel. Developing and
implementing marketing techniques that will drive new customers.

Requirements and skills

– Proven experience as Director of Operations or equivalent position
– Excellent organizational and leadership abilities
– Outstanding communication and people skills
– Knowledge of industry’s legal rules and guidelines
– In depth knowledge of diverse business functions and principles (e.g. supply chain, finance, customer service etc.)
– Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics
– Familiarity with MS Office and various business software (e.g. ERP, CRM)
– BSc/BA in business administration or relevant field; MSc/MA will be a plus